South Bay Martial Arts

     South Bay Martial Arts
     1538 West Carson St.
     Torrance, CA 90501
     (310) 533-6058


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"Now that I've learned karate, I've learned to use it in self- defense only. Before I joined the school, I was getting into fights all the time. I was getting picked on and no one would leave me alone. Before, I wasn't avoiding the fights. When they started pushing, I just pushed them right back. But now that I've learned karate, I've learned to use it in self-defense only."

- Sudhan DeSilva

"It has done absolute wonders for my son. He's doing a lot better in school. He's got a lot more focus and a better attention span than he did before. South Bay Martial Arts has been really wonderful for both of us. Not only are we growing closer together on a daily basis, we now have a common interest and goal. In myself, I have seen an improvement in self-esteem. I've seen a tremendous improvement with my son's self-esteem as well."

- Gerald Barnes

"I would say that it's worth anything that you're looking for to help your kid's self- esteem, self-discipline, and helping in school. My daughter had very low self- esteem. Ever since I brought her here, she feels a lot better about herself and is doing better in school."

- George Ramos

"In this school, they really care about your kids. They provide a nice family atmosphere and make you feel very comfortable. I joined, and soon after, my wife and my youngest, as well."

- Brain Kim

"Every parent should ensure that their child knows three things: how to read, how to swim, and martial arts."

- Nicholas Cokinos, Children's Education Specialist.