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Kinder Karate Classes

Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee

Dear Parents,


Child Psychologists are in agreement, the first six to eight years of your son's or daughter's life really are the crucial years in the development of the personality they will have as adults. Important qualities such as strong self-esteem, perserverance, self-discipline, and the ability to get along with peers and not characteristics that are inherited, they are learned . . . from parents, teachers, coaches, and peers.


As a father of two kids myself, I have tried to give them every learning opportunity I possibly could to get an edge in life. Now, I'd like to offer your child the same opportunity through a truly unique learning experience.


The learning experience that could last a lifetime. Now, for the very first time your kindergarten-age child can participate in a structured program of martial arts trining classes specially for their your bodies and minds. It's offerred exclusively by South Bay Martial Arts. "But why," you may ask, "should I enroll my child in martial arts classes?" For the thousands of years, people have trained in martial arts and in the process have discovered and nurtured those very traits I talked about in "Dear Parents" as being so important to develop in kids.



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Kinder Karate student practices her punching
imageKinder Karate Student
Kinder Karate stretching excercise
imagestretching exercise
Kinder Karate students stretching
imagekicking exercise
Kicking exercise for Kinder students
imageKicking exercise
Kicking exercise
Obstacle course for the Kinder Karate class
bo staff trainingbo staff training for Kinder Karate student
Bo Staff training
karate students line up for kicking exerciseimage
Kinder Karate students line up for kicking exercise
Kinder Karate StudentsKinder Karate Students
Kinder Karate Students
Kinder Karate student practices tumbling
Kinder Karate student strength training