South Bay Martial Arts

     South Bay Martial Arts
     1538 West Carson St.
     Torrance, CA 90501
     (310) 533-6058


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About South Bay Martial Arts

Soo Bahk Do/Tang Doo Do is a Martial Art known as a form of self defense. Through learning its combat originated movements, one achieves a high degree of mental, spiritual and physical well being. Soo Bahk Do/Tang Soo Do develops body coordination, conditioning, self control, self discipline, better self image, self confidence, and self respect. It may be used as a good form of mental and physical conditioning that helps you to focus you inner powers and energy while toning your body. It is a different and systematic form of self defense for individuals, children and families. Soo Bahk Do draws from 2,000 years of martial arts history with origins in Korea. It claims over 32,000 Dans (Black Belt members know for the unique dark blue color of their belts). Founded by Grand Master Hwang Kee in Seoul, Korea, in 1945 it combines dynamic emphasis on kicking and the use of the legs with oriental hand techniques and application.